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Enjoy your meal with royalty with the elegance of Imperial Russia with this Beluga Caviar Dish Compliment your caviar with this made at the Russian imperial porcelain factory in St. Petersburg, this commemorative gravy boat is hand-decorated. It will also be a perfect gift. It's also a perfect addition to any porcelain collection.


The Caviar Dish is HAND PAINTED. Embellished with 22-karat gold. Hand wash is recommended

The Genuine Article - 100% Guaranteed

Material: hard-paste porcelain. Made in Russia

Measures: Length 6.2", height 3.6"

Has section for ice around the Center .

Perfect serving size : 30g,50g,80g

Pattern: Golden 52

Pattern designer: Made according to museum specimen

Shape: Kaspian

Shape designer: D.Philippenko

Weight: 700 gr. (24.69 oz) (1.54 lbs)

Caspian Mystery

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